Software, database, data and office integration solutions

Some of the services we can offer

Service List

We have many years experience in the field of project management throughout the software development life cycle.

Projects managed have included

· large Bill of Materials system identification, purchase and installation

· Payroll system purchase and installation for large corporate with offices nationwide

Project Management

Have an issue?  Bachus can help identify and solve it.  We have successfully undertaken many projects of this type.

Business and Systems Consultancy

Bachus use a structured approach to the analysis and design of your system.  We look at the overall requirements of the business from both the management and end user points of view and come up with a solution that will meet the current needs of the business and also allow for future growth. 

Many of our systems have been in use for over 15 years—this is almost unheard of in the world of technology.

Analysis and Design

Database Development

Data specialist, warehousing, mining

SQL Services

MS Office application integration

Our staff are data specialists.  They have an experience and understanding of data and how to ensure that relationships are identified and correctly implemented. 

They are proficient In many forms of data conversion and also systems integration where they can extract data from various sources and make sense of it.

Your data is the key to information in your business.  Ensure that you have a specialist take care of it for you by contacting Bachus today.

Our staff have wide experience in Structured Query Language. 

We can write your queries, create your reports, and manage your SQL server.

We have built data warehouses for businesses from Supermarkets to District Health Boards.


We believe that information only needs to be entered electronically once.  After that it should never have to be re-typed.

We are adept at integrating your Excel, word, outlook, Access and other data to ensure that your can use it in the most efficient manner..

We are happy to  undertake training of your staff in any of these fields.

Bachus provide rapid development of user friendly database systems—whatever the type of data you want to store.

We believe in empowering the business by ensuring that their data is available to them and that they know how to use it.