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Text Box: Bachus Horse Stud Software

A modification on the Deer product specifically for the Horse or Pony Breeder.

Product Summary

Breeding lines and Pedigrees - easy to read, easy to maintain

Breeding service recording – by Stallion and Mare

Picture from Animal screen

Performance recording

Registration (breed societies etc) recording

Great enquiry and reporting features

Multiple Farm Integration and Benchmarking with other farmers



BacHus Farm System stores the pedigree of your animals, and is able to represent this on screen or in reports. Because the pedigrees are recorded along with performance records, it allows data extraction and subsequent analysis by bloodline.

The intention is that this system will provide the basis for recording your stud management information.

It will provide some analysis of this information, however it is anticipated that some users will wish to have more analysis undertaken which they would like to retain control over. For this purpose, a number of exports to Microsoft Excel have been provided. This will ensure that the appropriate data can be extracted and analysed within Microsoft Excel.

There are a series of ‘enquiry’ screens, which are used on a day to day basis when you are looking at your data. Data entry is simple and quick.  Allowing blood line and performance recording and other stud data.

It is anticipated that BacHus Farm system will appeal to anyone who is interested in the performance trends of their animals and the bloodline factors involved in this.

You will find it is a useful tool to replace your paper based breed recording history.

Will generate breed history and performance reports to accompany sales information on any animal.

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